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I'm curious about is a page that will give you a little information about a lot of things.

The links will give you more detail and more advanced information. Some of the links may give you conflicting information - you have to decide which information is information you agree with. Some of the links have graphics or illustrations.

Some of the things listed here are illegal for people to do at certain ages or in certain places - but that doesn't stop you from being curious about them.  Including a description of something here does not mean I want you to do it - I just want you to have the information you need to understand what it is and make good intelligent decisions about your behavior.

A special note about slang: Some slang words are offensive to some people. Be careful about which word you use

Click on the first letter of the word you want to read about:



Abortion means the end of a pregnancy. There are two kinds of abortion - spontaneous and induced.  Spontaneous means it happens by accident, also called a miscarriage. Sometimes it happens before a woman even knows she is pregnant.  It can happen because a woman's body is not ready to be pregnant or because the fetus/foetus (the baby) is not healthy enough to grow.

Induced abortions can be done by having an abortion procedure or by taking a drug called RU-486. 90% of induced abortions are done in the first trimester (first three months) a woman is pregnant.

There is a lot of argument between people about whether abortion is good or bad. In the United States, the UK, and most of the EU, it is now legal to have an abortion for the first three months, after that it gets harder, but in still possible if the Mom could be hurt by her pregnancy. When abortion was not legal the leading cost of death in women was having abortions that were done very badly by bad doctors or women trying to do them alone. In countries where abortion is illegal it is still one of the biggest reason women die.
Info for Teens about Abortion
What is Abortion and what will happen?
What Abortion Rights do Teens Have?
Physical Health Risks of Abortion

Abstinence: see Virginity
This is the choice to have no sex. People think of "no sex" differently - for some people it means no sex of any kind, not even masturbation; for other people it just mean no sexual intercourse until marriage; and for other people it is other things. It isn't important how you define the word - it is important that you do what you think is best for you. What is best for you, might not be best for somebody else. What might be best for you and the person you want to have sex with - or who wants to have sex with you might be different.

Abuse (Physical, Emotional,or Sexual)

If you are abused in any way - tell someone! If they don't listen or don't believe you - tell someone else. Keep telling people until you are believed!

Abuse takes many forms. Abuse is anyone who physically hurts you enough to break bones or give you bruises or cut your skin. It is when someone talks to you over and over in a way that makes you feel really bad. It is when someone has sex with you who is your parent, your teacher, your boss, or a close family friend.

Men abuse men and women. Women abuse men and women. Adults abuse their elderly parents and their children. Older children abuse their parents.Teenagers who are boyfriend and girlfriend can abuse each other. If you think you are being abused - you probably are! Talk to someone and get help! NOW!
Report Abuse Hotlines in the US
Hotlines for Kids around the World
What should I do?
Hotlines in the UK
Find a Rape Crisis Center by ZipCode

AC/DC: see Bisexuality

Adolescent: see Puberty

Adolescent (teenage years) is the time when your body changes from being a child to an adult. This change begins at puberty. This time can be confusing. Sometimes you feel like an adult, sometimes you fell like a child.


This is the only personal story you'll read on this page. If you are pregnant and wondering what to do - think seriously about adoption. About 22 years ago a wonderful baby was placed in my arms and became my son. His mom was 17, used drugs and alcohol, and was living in East Harlem. He was born with Down syndrome and addicted to drugs. He is the light of my my life and is a happy, healthy young man. I thank his birth-Mom, Clara, more often than you can possibly imagine for signing the papers that made it possible for him to become my son. There are people who will love your baby. It will be hard to go through 9 months of pregnancy and them give your baby to someone else to raise, but it could be the very best thing to do for your baby and you. If you are in trouble and need somebody to listen, email me, I will try to help. 
Choosing Adoption

Age of Consent
Every state and country has a law that decides when it is legal for a person to agree to have sex or view adult materials or to buy sexual materials. The laws can be different for men and for women, and for gay sex and straight sex. If one person is old enough to consent and the other person is not - the older person can go to jail. In some places, parents can go to jail if their underage kids have sex with their knowlege or due to a lack of supervision.
Age of Consent Laws
Sex laws in the US, Australia, Canada, and Islam

AIDS/ HIV: see Sexually Transmitted Disease

Not having a menstrual period when you are supposed to have one. This can happen to teenagers and be OK. It can happen to athletes or people who diet too much or too long and not be OK. It is best to discuss this with your doctor if it happens more than once every 6 months.

Anal Beads: see Sex Toys

Anal Sex
Anal sex is putting a finger, penis, or sex toy inside the rectum/anus/arse of a man or a woman. Anything that goes inside an anus does not belong in mouths or in vaginas until it is washed very well with soap and water! It is really best to have sex toys that you use only vaginally and others that you use only anally. Anal sex is safe but requires much more lubrication than other kinds of sex.  Also in slang called: Greek, back-door, and doggie.
Who has Anal Sex?
Introduction to Anal Play

Using your mouth to stimulate the anus of a man or a woman.  A clean anus is safe to lick or suck unless you have been sick.  Bacteria from your anus can be dangerous - so if you have been sick, it is best to avoid this activity. To improve the safety of analingus you should not brush your teeth before you do it, and brush your teeth soon afterwards. Also in slang called: rimming or reaming.

A person who acts like a male and a female -- so you might not be so sure what they are.

There are lots of things that people think work as aphrodisiacs - make people want to have sex - but none have ever been proven to really do it.

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People having sex with animals. This is against the law as animals can not consent (say yes) to having sex with you. It can be dangerous to do this as animals may do unexpected things when they get excited. Animals can pass on some sexually transmitted disease to humans.

Birth Control or Contraception Methods:
see Emergency Contraception
Choosing a method of birth control & sexually transmitted disease prevention is one of the most important health decisions a sexually active woman, man, or couple can make.   His and her medical history, lifestyle and how often you are sexually active are important issues to consider. Some methods do have side effects, so you may need to discuss it with your doctor.

One of the first things you need to decide is how big a chance you want to take that you will get pregnant or get a disease. Some methods are more safe than other methods. One method prevents both pregnancy and disease, but the rest only prevent pregnancy.
A review of birth control methods for teens

Barrier methods
Condoms are the one method made for both men and women. You do not need a prescription to buy condoms. They are inexpensive. Either men or women  can be responsible for buying the condoms. Condoms are the only method of contraception that protects against many sexually transmitted infections (STDs), such as HIV. They also help protect fertility, by preventing diseases like gonorrhea which can damage the reproductive system. Condoms are successful in preventing pregnancy 97 out of 100 times when used properly.  Condoms sometimes slip off, break, or rip, so it is always a good idea to use at least two methods of contraception.

Women's condom
Reality Condom for Women w/ photo
Male Condom

Diaphragms and cervical caps are inserted into the vagina and block sperm from entering the uterus. You need to have a doctor examine you so that you get the right size.  They must be put in before you have sex and used with spermicidal cream, foam or jelly. Diaphragms prevent pregnancy when used the way most people do 80 percent of the time, and cervical caps 60 to 80 percent of the time. Cream, foam, and jelly help prevent disease sometimes a very little bit, but not enough to not use condoms if disease prevention is important.

Cap photo
Diaphragm photo

Hormonal methods

"The Pill" is prescribed by a doctor. Some you take a hormone pill for three weeks and then take a sugar pill for one week. (You take the sugar pills so you don't have to try to remember to take a pill everyday.) The Pill contains either progestin-only or a combination of estrogen and progestin. The pill if taken every day as it should be and at the same time will prevent pregnancy 95 times out of a hundred.  If you take some medications it will make the pill not work as well - so be sure to tell your doctor you are using birth control pills.
The Pill

Norplant is six tiny implants put in a woman's upper arm. Norplant is a time-release version of the hormone progestin. It prevents your ovaries from releasing eggs (ovulation). Norplant is one of the most effective forms of birth control available, at more than 99 percent, and starts working 24 hours after insertion. Effective for five years, Norplant must be used under the supervision of a doctor and must be checked every year. This is an excellent form of birth control for people who have a hard time remembering to use a birth control method properly, but you still need to use condoms to prevents disease.It can be hard to get pregnant after you stop taking Norplant for up to one year - so don't use Norplant if you think you might want to have a baby in the next 6 years. It is also very expensive and sometimes is not covered by insurance.


Depo-Provera is an injection and is a progestin that prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs and changes the uterine lining to prevent an egg from implanting in the uterus.  It is 99% effective so is also a good choice for women who have a hard time remembering using other methods, but does not prevent you from getting sexually transmitted disease.

"The Patch" works like a nicotine patch, releasing hormones through the skin. Women change the patch once a week, and it is reportedly as effective in preventing pregnancy as the Pill. And just like the pill you still need to use condoms to prevent disease.

Intrauterine devices
The IUD (intrauterine device) is inserted into the uterus in a doctor's office. It is the very inexpensive and is the most common method used in many countries. Nobody knows exactly why the IUD works, but it does. Today's IUDs are very safe from 98 to 99 percent.

Surgical Methods

Hysterectomy and other surgical procedures done with woman are major operations requiring several days stay in a hospital. The uterus or uterus and ovaries can be removed - all preventing pregnancy as no egg can implant in the uterus.  A tubal ligation ( tubes tied) is a much simple procedure. A woman becomes infertile - unable to ever conceive her own children if she has these procedures done.

Tubes Tied.

Vasectomy is a simple, relatively pain-free procedure that can be done in a doctor's office.  A man has a small tube inside his penis called a vas deferens cut. Sperm can no longer exit the penis and it is nearly 100% effective. It can be reversed, but with no guarantees.

Abortion is used by some people as a birth control method. Preventing unwanted pregnancies is a much smarter thing to do.


Withdrawal (Coitus Interruptus) is an unsafe method to prevent pregnancy or disease. No matter what you think - it is impossible to withdraw/pull-out quick enough. Pre-cum is just as able to cause pregnancy and disease as ejaculation is.  Dry Sex is similar and is not a good way to prevent pregnancy or disease. Dry sex is when you have sex where no body fluids
are passed from one person to the other.

Natural Family Planning (Fertility Awareness Program or Rhythm) is a method where a woman charts her pattern of body temperature when she wakes up, dates of menstruation, the size and shape of her cervix and/ or character of cervical fluid. Done perfectly and by a woman who is very very regular can be successful, but done irregularly by a teenager whose body is still changing is foolish and dangerous.

People who are attracted to both men and women. Some people have relationships with both men and women at the same time, and some people have relationships with just one person at a time and that could be a man or a woman. A person can be bisexual and never had had sex or only had sex with men or women. Being bisexual means what sex you attracted to, not what sex the person is you have sex with. Being bisexual does not mean you are confused about your sexuality (but you could be) it means that you like both men and women. Some people have sex with a person of the same sex out of curiousity and this does not make them bisexual.
Bisexuality FAQs

BDSM (Erotic Power Exchange)
BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism. Erotic power exchange is when people enjoy using power as part of the way they have sex. Bondage is tying people up. Discipline is when one person is the boss (the dominant) and other person has to do what the boss says (the submissive.) Sado-masochism is when one person (the sadist) causes pain (like spanking) or embarrassment. The masochist enjoys when someone causes pain or embarrasment to them. This is a sexual activity that both persons must agree to. Both people have power in this kind of relationship. The person who has the power has to understand what they can do or not do or they end up losing all their power. It can be dangerous if not done with respect and good communication.
Is it Abuse?
BDSM forYoung Adults
Fetish.UK - a porn-free fetish site

Blowjob: see Fellatio

Blue Balls
If you are aroused for a very long time and do not have an orgasm - you can feel a big pain in your testicles/gonads. Masturbation is the solution - not telling a girl she has to have sex with you to "cure you."

Body Piercings: see Tattoos

Breast and Pelvic Exams
Going to a Gynecologist for the first time

Breast Reduction or Augmentation Surgery
Plastic surgeons make breasts smaller by cutting away the part of the breast under the skin or make them larger by inserting implants. This is surgery that should not be done until you have reached adulthood and have stopped growing.  All surgery has potential dangers.
Breast Implants 411
Cosmetic Surgery in Teenagers

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Children and Sexuality
Your sexuality begins the day you are born. How you are treated as a baby gives you messages about you as a sexual being. Babies very naturally touch their penises and vulvas. If your mom or dad pulls your hands away - as a baby you learn that touching yourself is bad. If you get kissed and touched a lot - you learn to like to be kissed and hugged.
Infant Sexuality

see Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chlamydia and Teenage Girls

A chromosome is a very tiny piece of information (DNA) that tells a baby developing inside the mother what color eyes it will have, how tall it will be, what sex it will be, and hundreds of other things. Every human being is designed to have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Sometimes when a baby is born there is an extra chromosome, or very rarely there is a missing one.  Down syndrome comes from having an extra chromosome # 21. Turner's Syndrome is from missing an X from #23.There are thousands of different kinds of chromosome anomolies (syndromes) -and some you might not even know you have.

A chromosome map helps doctors understand exactly why you are the person you are. 22 of your chromosomes are pairs (2) that usually look like each other.  The 23rd pair can be the same or different. If you are a male you have a X and a Y chromosome. If you are a female you have two X chromosomes.
Chromosome Maps

Circumcision: see Foreskin
Circumcism is a procedure where a portion of the skin on a penis or a clitoris is removed. Doctors may do circumcisms when a baby boy is born, or it may be done as part of a religious ceremony, or it may be done much later for medical reasons. Female circumcism also called clitorectomy or genital mutilation is rarely done. The clitoris, clitoral hood, and/ or labia is cut away.  When female circumcision is done it is usually done in a country where it is now or has in the past been culturally accepted.
Pros & Cons of Male Circimcision

A  Comprehensive Discussion of all aspects of Circumcision, from infant to adult, to practices around the world, as well as the instruments used and their resulting style
Help for Women with Female Circumcision

Clitoris: see Female Body Parts
The tip of the clitoris is found where between  where the vaginal lips/labia meet. Also called in slang: pearl, magic button, ruby, pink diamond, man in the boat, clit, clittie, and more.
Where is my Clitoris?

Coming Out
Telling your family, friends, people at work you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or some other difference for the first time. Before you come out it is a secret.
Coming Out
Coming Out for Teens

Teens and sexual orientation

A condom is something you put on your penis to protect you against disease and your partner against pregnancy. There are also condoms for women that go inside the vagina. They are made of latex, polyurethane, or lamb skin. and may be lubricated or unlubricated.  They come in different shapes and sizes. Condoms IF used properly will reduce your risk of pregnancy and disease 97 times out of 100. That may seem like a lot - but 3 times out of a hundred is still a BIG risk, and most people, especially teenagers don't use them properly all of the time. There is no GOOD excuse not to use a condom. A condom is the best way both of you can be in control of your sexual health. A condom is also known as a rubber, sheath, cap, raincoat, glove. Having sex without a condom on is called "going bareback."

Video clip " How to put on a condom"
Instructions on Using a Condom
Tips for Using Condoms
Using the Female Condom (known as Reality or Femidom)for anal sex

see birth control
Contra means against - or to stop something. Conception means getting pregnant. So contraceprion means something to stop you getting pregnant.

Cross-dressers are also know as transvestites. You are not gay because you are a tranvestite. You like to dress up in the clothes of the opposite sex. Some people like to be seen (and perform) dressed up and others like to do it only in private. Passing is trying to pass as a person of the opposite sex and no one can tell.
Why we crossdress ( Hard to read, but has some very interesting info)

Cum/ or Come/ or Climax: See Ejaculation or Orgasm

Cunnilingus is having oral sex with a woman - sucking or licking or tickling with your tongue her vulva, especially her clitoris. The clitoris is an interesting body part. It is the only body part that exists only for pleasure. Women receive lots of pleasure when their clitoris is licked or sucked or gently bitten.  Oral sex is not safe sex - you cannot get pregnant from oral sex, but you can get sexually transmitted infections. Use a dental dam (see dental dam for more info) for protection against STDs. Some slang terms for cunnilingus are: going down, eating out, breakfast at the Y.

Cybersex & Phone Sex

Cybersex (sex on the computer) and phone sex (sex on the phone) are both very popular. Cybersex is safe as long as the person you have cybersex with is someone you know or is someone who has absolutely no information about who you are. You should never use your own name, give them your phone number, tell a person what city you live in or where you go to school, work or hang out. If you are in a relationship with someone and you want to have cybersex with someone else - the two of you need to decide if this is OK or not. Some couples decide it is OK to have cybersex with other people and some people think it is "cheating."  Phone sex is very similar, but you usually know the person already.
Cybersex is Fun and Cheap for 10 Million People
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Rape is when a person has sex with another person without their permission. Date-rape is when two people spend time together and may even have had sex together and one of the persons decide they don't want to have sex now.  No means no - no excuses!
How to Prevent Drug Induced Sexual Assault
Date Rape Drug Info & Date Rape Prevention Tips

Dental Dam
A dental dam is a flat piece of latex used to cover the entrance to the vagina or anus during oral sex. You can buy dental dams for about $1.00 a piece.  You can also cut a condom in half and use it - or use a piece of Saran/plastic wrap or cling film.

How to use a Dental Dam or Make Your Own

Dildo: See Sex Toys
A dildo is a sex toy in the shape of a penis.

Disability/Disabled/ People with Disabilities

People who have disabilities can be sexual. Sometimes they need extra help in understanding how and when to be sexual, or they may need special information how to be sexual with their disability. (And some people need no help at all!) People with disabilities want and need sex just as much as people without disabilities.  See my page on disability and sexuality or self-advocacy.

Dolls: See Sex Toys
One kind of sex toy some men use is a blow up rubber doll. This is a safe form of sex as long as the doll is clean.

Douche / Douching

Using water or another liquid to flush out the vagina of all its natural scent, lubrication. and bacteria. It is usually a completely unnecessary practice (although it can be suggested or prescribed by a doctor) and can actually upset the natural pH and useful bacterial balance of the vagina
Why not Douche?

Dry Sex
Having sex where no fluid is shared. This is nearly impossible to do unless you are wearing several layers of thick clothing, and is not a safe way to have sex. Having sex and pulling out is not dry sex and not safe.

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Egg: see Ovum

Ejaculation is what happens when you orgasm/cum. For men it is one to three teaspoons of what looks like thick watery milk ( It can be clear, white, pale yellow, blueish or gray - but if it is pink see a doctor.). In each teaspoon of ejaculation a man has millions of sperm.
A man can orgasm and not ejaculate. The ejaculation you see in movies is not always real.

Two very important things to know about ejaculation. 
• 1. Sperm can swim. You do not need to ejaculate inside a woman's vagina to get her pregnant. A sperm can swim inside if it is close to the entrance to her vagina or the sperm is on your finger and you put your finger inside her.
• 2. It is OK to taste sperm. Some men like to taste their own sperm (and that does not make them gay). Some women like the taste of sperm and like to swallow it during oral sex. Other women do not like the taste and prefer to spit it out, than a man wears a condom, or he stops before he ejaculates. Swallowing sperm is a safe thing to do if the man has no sexually transmitted disease, but if he has a disease you can get it in your mouth from having oral sex.

Some women can ejaculate too. If a woman has a really powerful orgasm she might spurt a white creamy liquid. Women's bodies also lubricate a lot of clear liquid and that may seem like ejaculation. Women often pee when they orgasm and that can seem like ejaculation too. Whatever a woman does or doesn't do is OK.
Male Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation

Emergency Contraception

There is an emergency contraceptive pill method that can only be used within 72 hours of having sex. It is used when a woman has been raped, has had unprotected sex, or the condom breaks. This cannot be used as a regular form of birth control. People call this the morning after pill - but it is really two pills taken 12 hours apart. There is another emergency method using an IUD, but it is very costly and has more side effects.

Emergency contraception is NOT drinking herbal tea, douching with a chemical, pushing ice into your vagina, or any other weird things you might hear about.  If you have had unprotected sex, and you are worried you might get pregnant - see a doctor.

Emergency Contraception Methods
Emergency Contraception- Emergency Contraception Pills
Emergency Contraception - IUD

Enema: see Fetish
An enema is when a hose is put into your rectum/ass/arse and water is forced into it. This can be done to clean your rectum when recommended by a doctor or can be sexually exciting. There is some danger to using enemas wrong- so make sure you know what you are doing before you do it!  Enemas can also be pills that cause your rectum to have to have contractions and act the same way as water forced into it.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is when a man is unable to have an erect/hard penis, or it gets only a little hard, or it can't stay hard for more than a few seconds. Also called impotence or ED.  Viagra and similar medicatons may be helpful with this - but must be prescribed by a doctor as they do have very dangerous side effects if taken by the wrong person.
Male Erection
Understanding Erectile Dysfunction
What is Erectile Dysfuntion?
What is impotence and what causes it?

Estrogen: see Hormones

Exhibitionism: see Fetish
There are all kinds of exhibitionists. Some people enjoy being watched or overheard while having sex, while others like to expose them self to others. Healthy exhibitionism is when everyone involved knows what is happening and they enjoy it. It is unlawful to do many forms of exhibitionism (the kind where you do not have people's permission to do it.) A man who shows his penis to children on a playground is an exhibitionist and will be arrested and go to jail for doing this kind of exhibitionism.
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Fellatio is oral sex with a man.  A person using their mouth and tongue licks and sucks the penis, and sometimes the testicles. There is nothing wrong with putting a clean penis in your mouth. Men, especially uncircumcised men should make sure they wash well if they will be having oral sex. Fellatio is also called in slang: blow-job, giving head, and sucking-off.

Female Anatomy /Body Parts
A woman is more than the sum of her body parts. It is equally important for men to understand female anatomy as it is for women. Women's bodies are complicated because so much goes on inside and is unseen. Even a Barbie doll has nothing between her legs but a smoooth section of plastic.

The links I found below help, but only a little. On the outside of a woman are two important areas: her breasts and her vulva. The breasts are easy - those we see all the time. They come in all sizes, and no matter what their size will work to feed babies milk. Some women get really turned-on when their breasts/nipples/areola are touched and others do not

How come nobody uses the word vulva? The outside of the woman is not her vagina - that's inside.  The vulva is the area between her legs that includes her labia/ genital lips, her clitoris, the entrance to her vagina, her urethra/pee hole, and more.  The clitoris is the only body part that is only for pleasure - find it and find her little piece of heaven. Many women have very sensitive labias and enjoy having them stroked or tickled. Every woman has a unique looking vulva - no two are alike - like snow flakes!

Inside a woman are mostly the parts that help make babies. The vagina, the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovaries are all important to good sexual health and pregnancy. The one exception to this is the g-spot. The one BIG mistake that is often made by people new to sex is thinking that getting inside the vagina is the most important part of sex. Start from the outside and slowly work inside - great sex (alone or with someone) can be had without ever getting inside!
Human anatomy Online - click the body part and learn about it
Female Sexual Anatamy
Learning about Female Bodyparts
Guide to Female Reproduction System

Drawing of Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Uterus, and Vagina
Drawing of female breast, nipple, and areola

Fetishes & Paraphilias
A fetish is when a person gets turned on by a specific body part (the foot) or object ( high-heeled shoes.) There is nothing wrong with having a fetish, unless it makes your life difficult or sad. A fetish can be just a preference, or it can be a requirement for the person to get turned -on.

A paraphilia can be a fetish, but it can also be an activity (watersports) that one prefers to do or must do to get tuned on. A paraphilia can be an activity that two (or more) people agree to do together OR it can be something one does without the permission of others. A paraphilia is not a problem unless it makes you feel bad - OR you do it without the permission of everyone involved (like a person who opens his raincoat on a playground and is naked underneath.)

Sometimes people are really embarrassed by their fetish or paraphilia and are afraid to tell people, even those they love. It is better to tell somebody you care about very early in a relationship. This gives them time to get used to the idea of your fetish or paraphilia, or leave the relationship before either of you are too involved.
You can also get counseling to help you (and/or your partner) learn to accept or get treatment for your paraphilia or fetish. Some examples of fetishes and paraphilias:
• Body Parts & characteristics: feet. toes, breasts, ears, neck, small of back, legs, hair, amputations, long blonde hair, long red nails, penis without foreskin, penis with foreskin, beards, mustaches,
• Clothing: high-heels (retifism), nylons, bras, panties, diapers, corsets, tight jeans

• Activities: shaving, talking "dirty" (coprolalia), cybersex, pain (algophilia), enemas (klismophlia), tickling, urinating/peeing (watersports or urophilia), w/ stuffed animals, w/ animals (bestiality), w/ mannequins, phone sex, w/ blow-up dolls,
watching people (voyeurism or scopophilia), being watched or exposing yourself (exhibitionism or apodysophilia), acting like a baby (infantalism.)
Fetish.UK - a porn-free fetish site


Foreskin is the skin at the end of the penis. It can be cut off during circumcision, or left intact. In some religions, it is important to go through the ritual of circumcision. In some countries circumcision is very common and in other very uncommon. No man should be embarrassed because he still has or does not have his foreskin. The foreskin is also called the prepuce. A man who still has his foreskin may be called uncut or intact.

Men who have foreskin need to be sure to wash under their foreskin carefully to prevent infection and to keep it smelling and tasting clean. Women do not need to feel any hesitation about having sex (including oral sex) with men with intact foreskin.

Male Foreskin

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Gay: see Homosexual

Gender describes the things we do that are "what men do" or "what women do."  Different cultures have different ideas about gender. A gender stereotype in some countries is that men wear pants/trousers, & financially support the family and women wear dresses, and stay home and take care of children. 

Gonads: see testicles

Gonnorrhea: see Sexually Transmitted Disease

Golden Showers: see Watersports

Greek Sex: see Anal Sex

Group Sex

Group sex is when more than two people have sex together. Three-somes (menage a trois) are 3 people having sex together. The people involved can be all all men or all women or some of both. If you are involved in group sex with a person of the same sex it does not mean you are gay or bisexual.

A sexually sensitive area on the upper wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone. Can be reached by curling fingers around pubic bone and feeling for a patch the size of a quarter or a pound that feels different than the rest of the vagina. G spot is an abbreviation for Grafenberg spot.
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Handicapped: see Disability

Herpes and Hepatitis: see Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Hermaphrodite: see Intersexed

A man who is sexually attracted to women only or a woman who is attracted to men only. Being heterosexual/ straight is what most of society thinks most people are, but there are many people who are bisexual (attracted to both men and women) or homosexual/gay (attracted to only the same sex.)

A man who is sexually attracted to men only or a woman (lesbian) who is attracted women only. It is generally agreed that 1 in 10 people self-identify as homosexual/ gay. Some religions condem homosexual behavior, but accept gay people (both men and woman can be called gay) who do not live as homosexuals, while other religions accept homosexual behavior as OK.

You can be gay before you ever have sex, or even if you have had heterosexual sex. There is a difference between homosexual thoughts and attractions and homosexual behavior. A person who is gay or lesbian but pretends that they are not - either to themself- to friends - to family - at work - is called being in "the closet." Fear of what people will say and how they will act keep many people in the closet.

There is still tremendous disagreement and debate about whether a person who is gay can or cannot change; was born that way, or learned to be that way; or is entitled to the same civil rights as people who are straight. People who are gay are fighting for their right to be married, adopt children, have spousal health benefits, and not be discriminated against in employment or housing.

It is OK to be Gay. It is OK not to be Gay. It is NOT OK to treat anyone badly because of what they think about sex, who they have sex with, or love. If you think you might be gay and are scared, please write to me or check out my GLBT page.
What do Gay men and Lesbian women do?
Adolescence, Sexual Orientation, and Identity

Hormones needed for Sex

We can't see them. They are the chemicals that tell our body what to do.  They tell your body how much energy to have, how big your muscles should be, how strong your bones, if you will have breasts or a beard, when to go through puberty, and hundreds of other things.  The levels of the chemicals in your body go up and down. If they are wrong something bad can happen. For different reasons doctors might prescribe extra hormones.  Birth control pills are hormones.

• Estrogens (estradiol, estriol, and estrone) - required for normal bone development, and for women to begin puberty  
• Progesterone - needed for menstruation and pregnancy 
• Testoterone - needed by both men and women for muscle development, sex drive, and orgasm; and for men to develop their sex organs before birth, for puberty (grow hair, deeper voice) and to help produce sperm.
• Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - both men and women need it for normal sexual organ development, also needed for menstruation
• Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) - for women essential for ovulation; for men to make testoterone 
• Luteinizing Hormone - needed by both men and women to have normal sexual development and to make testoterone; also needed by women for ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy.
• Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) - needed for pregnancy 

Hymen: see Virginity
The hymen is a layer of skin that partially covers the entrance to the vagina. There are different kinds of hymens - some have one opening, some have several. Every woman is not born with a hymen. A woman can be a virgin and not have a hymen.
What does a Hymen look Like?

Introduction to hymens
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Impotent/ Impotence: see Erectile Dysfunction

Incest: see Abuse
Incest is sex between family members (brother and sister, mother and son, uncle and nephew, stepmom and stepdaughter, etc.)

Infertile/ Infertility

The inability to conceive a child. A man's sperm count can be too low, or his sperm not healthy, OR a woman can have too few eggs or unhealthy eggs to get pregnant. A woman can also have a uterus that is unable to handle a pregnancy, or the path (fallopian tubes) from where her eggs come from is blocked and the egg cannot meet up with the sperm. There are some medications, procedures, and surgeries that might help an infertile couple to get pregnant. 

Intersexed / Intersexual: see Transgendered
A person who has some of the genitals (penis/vulva) of both a man and woman, sometimes called ambiguous or atypical genitalia. Someone who is intersexed may be able to function sexually as either a male or a female, or as neither, rarely both. Replaces the word hermaphrodite, which mostly only doctors use now.
Intersex Society of North America
Bodies like Ours
Susan's GLBIT page

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
Klinefelter Syndrome Support Groups Home Page
Turner Syndrome Society
Vaginal Agenesis
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Jacking-off/ Jerking-off/ Jilling: see Masturbation

Jock Itch
A fungus infection you get in moist areas of your body. Mostly guys get this, but girls can get it too.  Keep your skin clean and dry - and shower after doing something that makes you sweat.
Jock Itch

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Kama Sutra: see Tantra

Kegel's Exercises

These are exercise done to increase the strength of your pelvic muscles. Men and women can do these exercises. The easiest one to do is to stop when you are peeing/ urinating and count to ten - then start to pee again. If you do this lot of times you will have stronger pelvic muscles and this helps with having more enjoyable sex.
Exercise your Vagina
Simple Kegels for Women

Kegels for men - Stop the dribble
Kegels for men and women

A word used to describe sexual behaviors that are sexually adventurous - a bit unusual - out of the ordinary.

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Lesbian: see Homosexual
A lesbian is always a woman and she is sexually attracted to other women and may have sex with women. Other slang names for lesbian include butch, lesbo, dyke, queer.

Lice: see SexuallyTransmitted Disease


A woman's vagina produces lubrication naturally. There is also natural lubrication under the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. During sex there is often not enough natural lubrication produced and people use artifical lubrication.  Older people and people who use some medications may especialy need to use artifical lubrication.

The penis and vagina can become very sore if there is not enough lubrication. Lubrication can also be used during masturbation. Lubrication is one of the easiest way you can improve the quality of the sex you have. There is absolutely no reason not to use lubrication if you need it. Lubrication comes in two types: water-based and silicone. You can use water-based lube with anything - you cannot use silicone lubrication with some sex toys.

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Male Body Parts
If you talk to most men you would think that the only sexual organ/ body part they have is their penis and nothing else is important. Men are concerned that their penis is too small, too big, too thick, too hairy, too too too  - but what women care most about is their other major sex organ - their brain. A man who communicates well with women about what they are thinking and they listen to what she is saying is the lover women want--not the one with the biggest penis!
Learning about Male Body Parts
Anatomy of the Penis
Drawing of a Circumcised and Uncircumcised Penis

Guide to the Male Reproduction System

Masturbation is the art of touching yourself in sexual ways that feel good to you. Men and women masturbate. Babies masturbate even though they don't orgasm. Masturbation is a great way to stay sexually abstinent if that is your choice. Couples can masturbate together.  Masturbation is a perfectly heathy thing to do. The only time masturbation is bad is if you masturbate instead of going to school, having fun with friends or make yourself sore. Masturbation usually feels better with lubrication. Other slang words include: wanking, jerking-off, wacking-off, jilling (female only), 5-finger shuffle, beating your meat, onanism, self-abuse, and circle jerk (group).

Solotouch - opening page to a site dedicated to masturbation
Jilling World - Masturbation for Girls
JackinWorld - A Serious Masturbation Site for Men

Masturbating with a Hitachi Magic Wand

Menopause is a natural part of a woman's older life, but it can happen to young women who have had certain surgeries, diseases, or disabilities.  It is when a woman stop menstruating, and she can no longer get pregnant. It is also called: the change, and change of life.
Simple Introduction to Menopause

Why be afraid of menopause?

Power Surge
Aging & Sexuality

Menstruation is a period of time each month when a women bleeds as a part of being able to have a baby. It begins when a girl is anywhere from 8-18 and last a fews days and happens about every 28 days. For the first few years a girl may not menstruate every month. Other words used to describe menstruation include: menses, period, the plague, the red plague, on the rag, special visitor, and many others.

About Menstruation
The Red Spot
The Menstruation Museum

Mononucleaosis/ Mono: see Sexually Tranmitted Diseases
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Nocturnal Emission
Young men often have orgasms while dreaming. These are completely normal and most guys have wet dreams sometime in their life. They are nothing to be worried or embarrassed about and cannot be made to go away. Nocturnal means night - but you can have wet dreams anytime you go to sleep.
Wet Dreams

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Oral Sex: see Cunnilingus (to women) or Fellatio (to men)
Also called in slang: giving head (to men), eating out (to women), suck, play the mouth organ (to men) and more.

An orgasm is a pleasure response to having sex. It is both physical (you feel it in your body) and psychological (you feel it in your brain.) An orgasm is not the fluid that leaves your body - it is the feeling you have when sex feels good. (Ejaculation is the fluid.)

When a man has an orgasm is it like having a sneeze - except the seconds before feel extra wonderful. Your penis feels like it is a balloon filling up with air and going to burst.   It feels like it is getting bigger and bigger, and feels better and better, and then when it can't get any bigger -it starts to pump/contract and then ejaculate/cum. Men can only have one orgasm at a time and need a rest/refractory period before they can have another one. Some men need shorts rests and some men need longs rests. The older you get the longer rest you usually need.

When a woman feels an orgasm she feels a warm, pleasureable surge move through her body. Her body squeezes tight. The feelings are very intense. At the point of orgasm it feels like a wonderful explosion. She can have a vaginal/g-spot or a clitoral orgasm. Some women have a very hard time having orgasm and only have one, other women can have more but still not very many, but other women have multiple orgasms and can have very many.  Women do not need to rest between orgasms. Women seem to have more orgasms when they get older.  It is very common for young women to not be able to have orgasms very easily.

Male Orgasm
Female Orgasm
Achieving Female Orgasm
More on the Female Orgasm

The egg is what meets up with the sperm and is the beginning of the making of a baby. When the egg is fertilized by sperm it is called an ovum. When a woman is born she has one to two million immature eggs -and her body can't make any more. Only about 300,00 will still be healthy enough to grow to make a baby when a woman starts to menstruate.  By the time a women gets old most of her eggs will been used for menstruation.
What does an Egg look like?

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A pedophile is a man or woman over 16 having fantasies, or sex with children - boys or girls - under 13 AND the older person is at least 5 years older than the younger person.  Pedophilia is a diagnostic word - a word doctors use. To think like a pedophile is not illegal, but you may want to get counseling if you think you may want to do what you fantasize.To have sex with a person much younger than you is illegal -see age of consent.
Characteristic of a Pedophile

Penis: see Male Body Parts

Also called cock, dick, johnson, peter, schlong, willie, tool, dong, pecker, weiner, prick, pee pee, plonker. dip stick, phallus, & more.
Penis Size

Phone Sex: see

Polyamory - Love more than one person
A polyamorist is a person who can love more than one person at a time. Poly is often defined as being an honest way to share unlimited love in multiple relationships. A poly person can be straight, bisexual, or gay; married or single; young or old.  It not the same as polygamy which is an illegal act in most countries and means you are married to more than one person.

Poppers are amyl nitrate vials used by many to enhance the experience of sex  There is danger in using poppers that must be considered. You will probably die if you use poppers and Viagra together. Poppers are not legal in the US, but they are in other places.
Before You Use Poppers - Read This

Pornography & Obscenity
There are many different ways to define pornography and obscenity. Some things defined as pornographic or obscene are illegal such as photographs of naked children in sexualized positions under the age of 18, while others are not illegal, but make some people feel uncomfortable like Playboy centerfold photographs. Some things are illegal to receive through the mail, but may be legal to view on the internet. This site is considered obscene by some and educational to others.
A closer look at Pornography

Pre-Cum, Pre-Ejaculation, Pre-Seminal Fluid
Natural lubricant which oozes from the penis during and after sexual excitement. It has about one thousand sperm swimming in it. Most men do not know this happens because they cannot feel it coming out. It could get a woman pregnant or pass on STD's if he is infected.

Premature Ejaculation: see Ejaculation
When a man ejaculates too soon. Most men would like to be able to have sex forever. Premature Ejaculation is not when you ejaculate sooner than you want to ejaculate, but when you ejaculate sooner that what is typical/normal/ordinary. If a man can not thrust/ push in and out 15-20 times most of the time - that is pre-mature ejaculation. Almost all men ejaculate sooner than they want to some of the time. PE can happen because of stress, you are tired, taking medications, or have been drinking alcohol. Also called in slang: minute man, race horse, PE.
What to do with a Minute Man
10 Tips on how to Cure Premature Ejaculation

If you think you won't get pregnant when one of these things happen - YOU'RE WRONG!
* she has vaginal bleeding
* she is having a period
* she does not have an orgasm
* she does not have vaginal intercourse very often
* she has vaginal intercourse standing up
* she urinates right after sex
* she douches with anything
* a man pulls his penis out of her vagina before he ejaculates
* she jumps up and down after intercourse
* she hasn't had her first period yet
* she is under 12 years of age
* it is her first time
* the man only touches the outside of her vagina with his penis or his finger with sperm on it

How to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy
Am I Pregnant or Not?
Deciding to Keep Your Baby
If you think you are pregnant and are scared, please write to me and I will try to help.

Progesterone: see Hormones

Promiscuous is a value-laden word. That means what is promiscuous to you, may not be promiscuous to your parents, or your next-door neighbor. A person who is promiscuous is a person who is thought to have sex with too many people or the wrong people. It is unfair, but women and girls are more often called promiscuous than men and boys are. Some of the slang words women are called are loose, hussy, wanton, and whore.

Prostate: see Male Body Parts
The prostate is a gland inside the rectum/ass/arse. It is sometimes called the male g-spot. It is about the size of a grape.  It is part of what makes it possible for a man to ejaculate.
What is a Healthy Prostate?

Prostate Milking
A form of sexual play play that involves inserting the finger into the anus to massage the prostate gland which results in a powerful ejaculation. Also called massaging or stimulating the prostate.
How to Prostate Massage

How to stimulate the Male G-Spot
Puberty is the time that boys and girls bodies change into adult bodies. It can start very early - when you are 8, or very late - when you are 18. All kinds of changes in your body and your mind happen during puberty. You may feel all-mixed up when you are going through puberty - and that is perfectly normal!

Puberty and Boys
Puberty and Girls
Feeling Good about Puberty

Pulling Out Method: see Birth Control
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Queer: see Homosexual
Queer is a word used to describe people who prefer to love or have sex with people of the same sex. Queer is quickly becoming accepted as the word people who are homosexual/gay choose to call themselves to each other and in academic/college studies. It is still often used in a bad/ derogatory way. Other derogatory slang words include: fairy, faggot, fag, homo, fairy, and poof.

Air that escapes from the vagina during sex. Also called pussy farts, varts, or vaginal farts.
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Rimming/ or Reaming: see Analingus
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Sado-Masocism/ S & M: see BDSM

Safer sex: see Birth Control
There is no such thing as safe sex - if what you mean by safe sex is NO chance of getting pregnant and NO chance of getting disease (and you have sex with more than one person).  One or the other or both ALWAYS exists. You can limit the chances of getting pregnant or getting disease and that is called SAFER sex.
Making the decision to have sex
Safer sex for everybody
Lesbian Women and Safer Sex
Safer Sex for Men who have Sex with Men
Hepatitis for Gay and Bisexual Men

see Male Body Parts

Sexual (vaginal) Intercourse
Vaginal intercourse is when a man puts his penis inside a woman. There are dozens of different positions one can have sex in.  Missionary or man-on-top is the most traditional is some countries, but is often the least pleasurable for women. The other most common postions are woman-on-top, side-by-side, rear entry (not to be confused with anal intercourse), and too many others to list.  Other slang words used to describe sex are: fucking, balling, boinking, banging, and more.

Sexual Orientation
What sex of person turns you on???  Men, women, both, or nobody. Not sure? Fill out the Sexual Orientation Worksheet.
Sexual Orientation Workshee

Sex Toys
There are thousands of sex toys on the market. Some are for women, some for men, and some for both. They are made of rubber, plastic, silicone, Pyrex, and other materials. Some are electrical, some are waterproof, some use batteries, and some you just hold in your hands. Sex toys are used by people who want to abstain from sex before marriage, to masturbate with, to help when they have a disability that makes having sex different, and by couples who just like using them. Sex toys are not legal for everyone to purchase -different countries and states have different rules.
Susan's Sex Toy Shop
History of Sex Toys

Sexually Transmitted Disease
A sexually transmitted disease means it is a disease one gets when a person has sex with another person. It come from contact with ejaculation, vaginal lubrication, blood, and/or other substances. A person can pass on an infection and not know they have it. If you get one of these diseases, you and everybody you have had sex with needs to get treated. You need to see a doctor RIGHT AWAY! Other names include: STD (sexually transmitted disease), STI (sexually transmitted infection), and VD (venereal disease).

• Vaginitis ( Including Candidiasis,Trichomoniasis,and Bacterial Vaginosis)
A very common family of disease that mostly women get, but men can get from a woman partner. It is when you have a very very itchy vagina and it may smell badly. A women can also get it even if she has never had sex. Other names: monilial vaginitis, yeast infection, candida, trich, BV, cervicitis, vulvitis, gardnella vaginalis, and crotch rot.

• Urinary Tract Infections/ Bladder Infections (UTI)
A very common disease that mostly women get, but men can get too. It is when you need to pee/urinate a lot, and it burns. You can have a high fever and a stomach ache. A women can also get it even if she has never had sex, but sexual activity can frequently cause a UTI, but so can wearing very tight clothing, or doing some sports.

Bladder infection

• Gonorrhea
Most common in people ages 15 to 30 - they often have chlamydia, too. In men it looks like milk coming out of penis, pain and burning when you pee/urinate, sore throat, swollen glands, and itchy or bleeding anus. Most women have no symptoms, but some have what looks like milk coming out of their vagina or painful itching, sore throat, and swollen glands. Sometimes people have it with no symptoms, but pass it on to somebody and they do have symptoms. Slang: GC, dose, clap, drip.


• Chlamydia Trachomatis (Chlamydia)

Chlamydia is very common in teenagers and young adults. It is the most common STD in the US and the UK. Men have very few symptoms and often don't know until their partner tells them ( Circumcised men get it more often than men who are uncircumcised.) If they have any symptoms it looks like water or milk is coming from their penis, it may burn when they pee/urinate, and their scrotum might be swollen. Women sometimes have no symptoms either, but they can have a vaginal discharge or bleeding between their menstrual periods, have bad stomache ache, and it can hurt to pee/urnate. Slang:The Clam, Gooey Stuff


•Mononucleosis / Mono
A very contagious form of herpes - but it is not genital herpes. You can get it from kissing someone with an open mouth/french kissing - that's why some people callit the kissing disease. This is really common for teenagers and college students to get.

• Pubic Lice (Crabs) & Scabies
Tiny little bugs that live in your pubic hair or the folds of your skin and are very very itchy. You can get these from having sex with somebody who has crabs or scabies, but also from sharing towels. sheets, clothing, or just sleeping close. You can buy a special shampoo at the store that will help you get rid of these. You also need to wash all your clothes,sheets,and towels in very very hot water.

• Genital Herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus).
Herpes are a family of very painful diseases you get by touching a herpes sore (or where a sore is going to be soon) with your body. Herpes are very painful sores - genital herpes are on your penis, vagina, or anus, and sometimes your mouth.  There is no known cure for genital herpes. Some kinds of herpes you do not get from sex -like chicken pox.

• Genital warts (Human Papilloma Virus)
Small pink or red warts on your penis, anus, vulva. Some warts are OK, and some are not. You get them from touching your skin to the skin of a person with the virus. If you get a wart, it is best to see a doctor to be sure it is just a regular wart. When you get genital warts you usually get lots of them, but sometimes you can have the virus and have no warts at all. Also called: HPV, veneral warts, and condylomata.

• Syphilis
This is very rare in young people and a very serious disease. First sign you can see is a small painless sore on the mouth, anus, penis, vulva, or vagina. In women the sore may be inside her vagina and not be seen except by a doctor.


• Hepatitis A,B,and C
This is a very serious family of liver infections you get from touching infected blood, vaginal lubrication,  or ejaculation, or for Hepatitis A -feces/shit/poop. You usually have no symptoms until it is too late. There is a vaccine/shot for hepatitis A and B which is highly recommended for sexually active adults.
Hepatitis A,B and C

• Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
You get it from touching blood (sores with blood in them - like hang nails), blood products or breast milk. HIV infection gets worse and worse and almost always after a fews years becomes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). You might not have any sympmtoms for several years, but some people have something that seems like the flu and a rash right after they get it

Many men begin to shave their faces during puberty. Some men shave other parts of their bodies too, including their penis and scrotum.
Many women begin to shave under their arms, and their legs during puberty. Some women have facial hair that they shave, and some shave their vulva area.  Waxing, using a diplitory cream (like Neet), or electrolisis are other hair removal choices for both men and women.

Shaving is a personal choice. In some countries it is very uncommon for men and or women to shave, in other countries it is very common. Only shave if YOU want to shave. Hair is a natural part of your body and a person who cares about you should not be bothered by your hair - NO matter where it is.
Shaving Tips

Sixty-nine "69":
see Fellatio and Cunnilingus
Two people having oral sex with each other at the same time.

Spanking: see BDSM

Sperm/ Semen

The male sex cells are called sperm. They are made inside the testes/testicles. A sperm is very very tiny - .002 inches long. It has a tiny head with a long tail. Inside the head is DNA - and when that bumps against the egg of a women the egg is fertilized (now it's an ovum) and a baby starts to grow.  Most men have millions of sperm at a time. A man's body is making sperm all-the-time. When a man ejaculates, he usually releases millions of sperm - and it takes just one to get a woman pregnant.
What does a sperm look like pushing into an egg?
Some facts you may not know about Sperm!

Squeeze technique
A way for a man to control his ejaculation. When he feels like he is getting close - he or his partner squeeze the base of his penis until the feeling to ejaculate passes. This can be done several times.

Better Sex.com

Straight: see Heterosexual

Suicide is wanting to kill yourself. It is when the pain is so bad you think you can't take it anymore.  If you feel that way or you know somebody who does- read the link. I wish I wrote it, but I didn't. If you need to somebody to listen, email me.
You can feel really bad, but you can Cope


Swinging means different things to different people. Couples who like to trade sexual partners with another couple are swingers, but couples who like to have sex in the same room as another couple are often called swingers too. The couple is usually married, but doesn't have to be.

Switch-hitter: see Bisexual

Bisexual OR to describe a person who likes to switch from having sex in a dominant (dom) to submissive (sub) position and vise versa. Also called just a switch.
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Tampons come in different sizes. If you are a virgin, are very small-boned, or just new at using tampons buy a slender, mini, or teen sized tampon.  If you put a little bit of baby oil on the end of the tampon it will go in much easier. If you are a virgin and use a tampon - you will still be a virgin.

Tantra - Tantric Sex Practices
Tantra is an ancient spirituality from the East. Most research says it is more than 7000 years old. It defines what is sacred differently because it is such an old belief system. One thing the modern world doesn't think of as spirititual, but Tantra does, is sex. Tantra is energy and this energy changes the way you think about how you live in the world. One of the important things it makes you think different about is sex. There are lots of different ways of thinking about Tantra - one ancient guidebook to Tantric sex practices is the Kama Sutra..

Tattoos, Tanning, & Body Piecings

Tattoos and body piercings are permanent and require a lot of thought before you do them. There can be health risks if tattoos or piercing are done improperly. Do not do them yourself - get professional help! Both require special care after you do them or you could get an infection.


Body Modification Laws
Care of your Tattoo or Body Piercing
Is Body Piercing Safe for Teens?


Teenager/ teens:
see Puberty

Testicles (gonads): see Male Body Parts
A male is born with two testicles. The testicle are inside a sack called the scotum. Testicles are are glands that might be inside the body when a boy is small, but will drop down before puberty. The testicles are the part of the body that makes sperm. Testicles make sperm all the time unless they get too hot or too cold. The scotum helps keep the testicles the right temperature  - they get really tight and close to the body if they get cold - and they get very long and loose if they get hot. That is why they shrink when you go swimming in a cold pool. Testicles are also called in slang: balls. family jewels, nads, goolies, nuts, knackers/knockers, bollocks, and more
Why do I need a Testicular Examination?

How to do a Testicular Self-Examination

Even teenagers need to do it?

Testoterone: see Hormones

Transgenderism/ Transexualism: see Intersexed
A person who is a transexual is a person who has changed (or wishes to change) their sexual anatomy/body parts from being male to female or female to male through hormones and/or surgery. The surgery requires many years of counseling before a doctor will do it.
Equal numbers of men and women are transexual. Transexual is mostly a term used by doctors. The word most people who are like this prefer is transgendered or in sime cases intersexed.

Transgendered people feel as if they have the body parts of one sex, but their emotions, attitudes, and cultural gender identity are of the other sex. A person who is transgendered may learn to accept their "mismatched" mind and body, or they may seek hormonal and/ or surgical correction.  Also called in slang: tranny, and she-male.
How is your gender/ sex determined?
GLBT Support page
Renaissance Transgender Association
Female to Male International
Male to Female Transition Road Map

Tranvestite: see cross-dressing

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Unwanted Pregnancy: see Abortion, Adoption
Consider your options carefully. Talk to someone you trust. It won't go away - you need to act quickly so you get the help you need. This is not the end of the world even though you may think so.
Unwanted Pregnancy Around the world

Urolagnia or Urophilia: see Watersports or Fetishe

Urinary Tract Infections/ UTIs and Urethritis
Everyone has good and bad bacteria in their body. A UTI is when bad bacteria gets where it does not belong and makes it very hard and/pr painful to pee/urinate.
You need to see a doctor if this happens. If you get lots of urinary tract infections you may need to drink more water and juice, especially cranberry juice. People who have diabetes or use catheter have UTIs more often than most people. Women get more Urinary tract Infections, and men get more urethritis - but you can get both.
UTIs Made Easy to Understand

Urolagnia or Urophilia: see Watersports or Fetishes
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Vagina: see Vulva

A word used by people into the kinkier/more exotic/ outside the norm sexual behavior to describe those who only do the basic ordinary sexual behaviors. Usually considered to be an insult.

Viagra (or Cialis or Levitra) cannot be bought without a prescription. Two things are important to know before you use Viagra: 1. Do not use if you have any kind of heart problems until you talk to your doctor; and 2. Do not use Viagra with Amyl Nitrate (poppers.)

Viagra ( the little blue pill) is a drug you might want to use if you have trouble getting erections. It will help you have stronger erections if you have "soft erections" or good erections if you have none at all.  Viagra can only help you if you are "turned on."  All men have trouble with erections sometimes. Some have this trouble more often than others. There is no shame in needing to use Viagra.
Viagra Website
Dying for a Hard On?

see Sex Toys

A virgin is a person who has never had sexual intercourse. For a woman that means a penis has never been inside her vagina. For a man that means he has never had a penis inside a woman.  People who are Gay can also consider themself virgins to same-sexed versions of different sexual activites.

A women's hymen ( slang term: cherry ) does not tell you if she is a virgin or not. Some women are born without hymens. Some women tear/perforate their hymens from doing gymnastics, biking, or horseback riding; from using tampons; or from other forms of sexual activity

The first time a woman has sex she might bleed, and she might not. Whether she bleeds or not has NOTHING to to do with whether she is a virgin or not.

Virginity is important to some people for religious reasons. It is unfair, but it seems to be important to many people that women are virgins when they get married, but not as important for men. Your virginity is a private matter. Who you choose to share your sexual history with is your choice. What is important is that you are free from any sexually transmitted disease and that you are honest with your partner about your sexual activities from this point forward.

Virginity a Personal Decision for Teens
Virginity and having sex the first time
How many Teens regret Losing Virginity?

See Fetish
A voyeur is a person who enjoys watching other people. A sexual voyeur is a person who gets sexually excited watching people, especially if they are having sex, are naked, or changing their clothes.

Vulva/ Vagina: see Female Body Parts
The vulva is outside, the vagina is inside. Other slang words to describe a woman's sexual body parts are cunt, pussy, beaver, fanny, aunt Mary, muff, quim, twat, quiff, snatch, box, and slit.
Vulva Anatomy

Illustrations of different kinds of vulvas
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Watersports: see Fetish
Watersports has lots of names - but no matter what it is called it involves urine/pee.  There are people who enjoy the taste, feel, or smell of urine. They may like to have sex that includes peeing, or be peed on, or urinate on someone else, or drinking pee. Urine is sterile and you do not need to worry about getting any disease from HEALTHY urine.

Wet Dreams:
see Nocturnal Emissions

Withdrawal Method: see Birth Control
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X-rated or XXX rated is generally considered to be movies, books, music, or ideas that are designed to be enjoyed or understood by people over 21 years old.

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Yeast Infections: see Vaginitis under Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Yeast (candida) infections are something mostly women get, but men do too. Your vagina or the urethra of your penis will burn and itch and may ooze white crud that smells like bread, yeast, or beer.  There are over-the-counter medications that can cure a yeast infection, but if you have never had one before I highly recommend you see a doctor even if you are sure that is what it is.  Yeast infections are very similar to some other kinds of infections. BUT, once you've had one, you'll know if you have one again. Sexual partners can pass it back and forth between each other - so if one of you have it - both of you might. Also called in slang: crotch rot.

Graphic Talk about Yeast Infections

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Zoophilia: see Bestiality and Fetishes

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