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There are laws about who can view adult sites.
Part of what makes a site adult is that there are images that are deemed pornographic. Susan's Sex Toy Store has no images of people using sex toys - it only has images of the sex toy. This site will be legal in most states and countries for anyone to view. The selection is small, but they are my personal recommendations. I will add  more toys as I play with more toys I like.
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Susan's COMPLETE Sex Toys for Sale Online
Recommended to people who can legally view adult sites only

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Teddy's Ts

Tell the world what you think
without saying a word!
T-shirts with extraordinary messages.

Teddy's Ts

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Buy this book and others at Amazon.com and help fund the site.
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Your Sons and Daughters
with Intellectual Disabilities.

Book Cover for Sexuality: Your sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities

This book is just a start - check out my list of favorite books about sexuality
- some for kids - some for teenagers- some for adults!

Click here for Susan's List

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Furniture Shapes to Enhance your Ability to have Great Sex!

Liberator pillow shapes to help position your body, waterproof throes to keep the sheets dry, sex toys, great lube, & more
Liberator Axis Hitachi Liberator.com
Check out the Axis Hitachi - Hands Free Orgasms!

Please consider utilizing the services of these companies.
And don't forget to mention you heard about them from me!

Much gratitude and unlimited love is extended to Rich, whose undying devotion to me, and patience with my novice computer skills and dyslexic typing has helped make this web site grow into what it is.

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