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Image of eros Classic Body Glide lube

Pjur Eros is the best and only lubrication I use. The special formulas are expensive but worth every penny. This lube is tasteless - so great for use before oral sex. If you want the best sex- use the best lubrication!!!!

The silcone based lubrication does not get absorbed into your body so it can be used in water. You need to use less and reapply less often. The only caution is to not use it with cyberskin or silicone toys as they will become a gooey mess.

Women who do not orgasm often need more lubrication. Women who do not like masturbation often need more lubrication. If you are ovulating or menstruating definitely use lubrication or your skin will become raw. You may think you lubricate enough, but I doubt it.

Women and men with disabilities often need to be more careful abou lubrication as their skin can be very fragile and prone to break-down. This is excellent for everyday use.

Image of  eros Women's Lube formula

100 ML
Original Body Glide PJ11041 $22.00 (this is what I buy!)
Click image to buy gel formula lubrication width=
Gel formula (PJ11241) $22.00 (thicker and causes more friction - preferred by gay men.)  Click image to buy gel formula lubrication width=
Water-based (PJ60041) $16.00 In case you can't use silicone - I wouldn't use it unless absolutely necessaryClick image to buy gel formula lubrication width=

Women's forumula (PJ11041) $22.00 (flushes out of the system faster, spreads out and absorbs better.) Click image to buy Women's formula lubrication
250 ML - Original Body Glide (PJ11061) $48.00Click image to buy gel formula lubrication width=
500 ML - Original Body Glide (PJ11071) $95.0
0Click image to buy gel formula lubrication width=




Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms $4.00/ 3 condoms (R1703)
Your typical condom with lubrication. Best choice if you don't know what you want or need. Personally, I never noticed any difference between ones with ribs or without. Be sure to check the expiration date before you use a condom. Don't store where it is too cold or hot. Click image to buy Lifestyles condoms

Trojan Magnun $5.00/ 3 condoms (T64203)
For guys who are thicker and longer, also good to use over sex toys if you want a more hygienic experience.
Click image to buy big condoms

TrusteX flavored condoms $2.50/ 3 condoms
For those who dislike the taste of oral sex. These contain sugar - so be careful if you are prone to vaginal infections or have diabetes.

Grape T4030 Click image to buy grape flavored condoms width=

Vanilla T4010 Click image to buy vanilla flavored condoms

Cola T4035 Click image to buy cola flavored condoms width=


Strawberry T4015 Click image to buy strawberry flavored condoms

Chocolate T4020 Click image to buy chocolate flavored condoms

Banana T4025 Click image to buy bana flavored condoms width=

Dental Dams for Oral Sex

You can make your own out of a condom. Cut the tip off so you have a straight bottom. Then cut along the side. Honestly this is easier to use than a real dental dam. Some people just use Saran wrap - but the sensation is dimished more than from a condom. Remember you can pass on STDs even thru oral sex !

Hitachi Magic Wand  (VT250)  $55.00

Click image to buy Hitachi Magic Wand   Image of Hitachi Magic Wand

The absolute can't live without sex toy.  Good for both of you. Use it to massage your back, or anywhere else that feels good! 
Extraordinarily durable and powerful. 2 Speeds. Tennis ball size head. A bit noisy. Electric cord. 

Very useful for for people who cannot usually orgasm. Men or women can use it over their pubic mound for incredible sensations. Men with spinal cord injuries often find this is better than the medically prescribed and much more expensive vibrators. Use it alone, with other sex toys, and with a partner to helping out.
And now with attachments, too

Blue - for a gspot:  

 gpot attachment for hitachi magic wand Purple for an anus: probe for hitachi magic wand

(HP299901) $10.00  

(HP300000) $5.50

Click image to buy gspot attachment= 

Click image to buy Hitachi magic wand probe attachment=




These are amazingly comfortable, waterproof pillows that position your body for great sex! The wedge alone is terrific - the wedge and the ramp combo phenomenal. Ramp & wedge are 24 or 30 inches wide, 12 inches high and 34 inches long. These are wonderful for people with disabilities, mis-matched body sizes, or who just want something extra special.  Get the bigger size if you can afford it - more space to move around. The scoop is a way to get more motion without muscle power. The Esse helps when it is harder for you to get into postion where you might want to get into more athletic positions. The covers are easy to wash and actually feel better each time. They dry very quickly, too. They are extremely well constructed and will hold up for a very long time.

What’s Included:
* Wedge, Wedge/Ramp combo, Esse, or Scoop in a blue machine washable Microfiber cover.
* Position guide, filled with erotic photos of Liberator-original positions.
* Black, nylon gig bag for travel.

Liberator Wedge
Most lovers - CNVW24 $69.00(10) Click image to buy liberator wedge=  

Plus Size lovers - CNVW30 $85.00 (12) Click image to buy plus size liberator wedge=

liberator wedge


Liberator Combo
Most lovers - CNVWR24 $185.00 (10+)  Click image to buy liberator combo=

Plus Size lovers - CNVWR30 $219.00 (12) Click image to buy liberator combo=

liberator combo

Liberator Scoop
Most lovers - CNVSCP-BLUE $255.00  Click image to buy liberator wedge=  

liberator scoop

Liberator Esse
Most lovers - CNVCSS-BLUE $450.00  Click image to buy liberator wedge=  

liberator esse




Pixies Waterproof Vibrators all $11.00

pixies vibrator


Blue SE0495-27

clcik image to buy lil pearl vibrator

Orange SE0495-28

clcik image to buy lil pearl vibrator

All are made of hard plastic. Easy to clean. Can use with silicone lubrication. A single push-button activation directs the vibrations and the waterproof construction makes it fun in the shower or bath. Total length is 5.75 inches with an insertable length of 5 inches. Uses 2 AAA batteries.

The G-Spotter is bent to provide the perfect angle and the Bliss has a metal tip. I've tried all the fancy rabbits, but in the end I like the simple ones best!

straight vibrator

Red SE0495-25

clcik image to buy lil pearl vibrator

Purple SE0495-26

clcik image to buy lil pearl vibrator

pixies bliss


Blue SE0495-31

clcik image to buy lil pearl vibrator

Orange SE0495-32

clcik image to buy lil pearl vibrator




Magic Ring Set (PD2353-00)  $14.00 
Click image to buy Magic Ring Set    Image of Magic Ring Cock ring set

4 Rings to put around a penis to keep it erect longer. 4 different colors with different style nubs and slightly different sizes. Also can be put over condoms to help keep them on. These can be absolutely essential for men with disabilities to help maintain erections. Some are designed to give her pleasure too, but don't count on it! One size fits all - very stretchy.  The man in my life says these are the very best ones.

Not too Deep Donuts (PDSB106) $12.00

Click image to buy Not too Deep Donuts

Thicker silicone cock rings designed to help when a guy is very very long or a women can't handle a guy inside her too deep. Good for women with hypersensitive cervixes. Easy and comfortable to use. Sorry only x-rated pic available.

Dolphin Micro Cock Ring  (SE1822-00)  $44.00
Click image to buy Dolphin Micro Dolphin Vibrator    Image of Dolphin Micro Cock ring

Put the ring around your finger, a vibrator or a penis ( it stretches). Use the head of the dolphin to stimulate a clitoris, anus, nipple, or urethra. People with spinal cord injuries often find ear lobes and other nontraditional places respond well. Has a 2- AA battery pack connected by a cord that is a bit fragile - so don't pull too hard! Not noisy at all. Exceptionally powerful. Can use the mini bullet vibe without the jelly cover.

Silicone Sleeve and bullet vibrator (SE 1088-10) $16.00

Click image to buy Silicone sleeve

Long sleeve that helps you stay erect, and gives you a bit of extra width plus a bullet vibrator witha dolphin shaped cover that feels good to both of you. If a man can only get a soft erection - this can make up the difference. Uses a micro battery in bullet. Made of clear silicone. Sorry only x-rated pic available.

(but no reason you cannot use some of them them elsewhere)

Butt Plug - Slim small (DJ0244-09) $11.00 
Slim medium (DJ0244-12) $13.00

Slim Small    Clcick image to buy slim small butt plug 
Image of slim, small butt plug  Slim Medium    Clcik image to buy slim medium butt plug

Good for anal or vaginal play. Be sure to get a butt plug with a large base. It is easier to push a butt plug in too far and a big base helps it to stay where it is supposed to be.

Small hot pink rubber butt plug. 5 inches top to bottom and .75 inch wide at its thickest point. Medium: 5 inches top to bottom and 1.5 inches wide at its thickest point.

anal beads

X-10 Anal Beads- Blue  (SE1233-12)  $6.00 click to buy X-10 Beads, blue
X-10 Anal Beads- Pink   (SE1233-04)  $6.00 click to buy X-10 Beads, pink
X-10 Anal Beads- Purple   (SE1233-14)  $6.00 click to buy X-10 Beads, purple

Jelly anal beads. Insert anally or vaginally as long as you wash them very well inbetween first. These are 10 jelly beads connected to each other. No string between the balls and a ring holder at the end. The anus when it contracts can suck in just about anything - so using anal beads with a way to pull them out is very smart.

I recommend you buy them in two colors if you want to use them both ways and use one color in your anus and the other in your / her vagina.  I DO NOT recommend any anal beads connected to each other by a string - they cannot be cleaned well enough. The bacteria that grows inside your ass does not belong any where else! 

Blush UR3 Anal Starter  (DJ0278-01)   $10.00

Image of Anal Starter

Clicl image to buy slend blush dildo 

It really a good basic dildo for all. It's called what it is because it is 1 inch thin.  Also a good starter toy. 6 inches long, with a flared base so it won't slide in too far. Never use anything inside your ass without a flared base or it can get sucked in.

Aneros Progasm (ANE10) $65.00


Clicl image to buy slend blush dildo

The Aneros Progasm is a prostate stimulators. It has a round, ball-shaped perineum tab. The tab provides a dispersion of pressure on the perineum. It has a second tab called the Kundalini Tab, which puts pressure on a known accupressure point located right below the sacrum or tailbone. The pressure from this tab can provide extra sensations up and down the spine. The thick, contoured head and angled stem provides significant direct contact on the prostate for amazing sensations. Many men who cannot have orgasm in other ways can have them through prostate massage. An Aneros makes it easy and hygienic.

Ben Wa Balls  (PD 2711-00)  $8.00

Clcik image to buy ben wa balls    Image of Ben Wa balls

Try pushing one of them into your vagina - not all the way in. Then hold it in the entrance to your vagina and then use your vaginal muscles to push out against the ball. Best way I know to strengthen vaginal muscles. Thse are called kegels. It also helps if you pee when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. Strong vaginal muscle make the best sex!

You can also put both inside your vagina. Walk around the house and you have to hold your muscle to tight so they don't fall out. The balls vibrate and cause a delicious sensation. If you happen to see the pretty cloissoine ones in a Chinese gift shop - buy a bigger set and they will work even better!  They call them relaxation balls.

If they go in and get stuck- lube yourself up - sit on the toilet and push.
Or have an orgasm from a Hitach Magic wand & they will magically pop out.



Futurotic Lips  (SE0870-01)  $43.00
Clcick image to buy futorotic lips 
image of Futurotic lips

Made of a super soft new material. The entry hole is very small but will stretch open to fit you and ensures a tight fit. The hole opening in all of these opens up through the entire toy so that if you are larger than the toy, you will pop out the other end - One size fits all. Powerful BP-100 bullet. 6.5 inches long. The front mouth is about 2.5 inches across. The vibrating bullets can be inserted into this toy to add vibrations (2AA batteries) 

8 Inch Ultra Skin Cock  (DJ0276-02)     $59.00

Clcick here to buy ultra skin cock  Image of 8 inch skin cock

Looks so real you might think you don't need a guy ( that is if you think you need a guy)---well probably not, but you get the idea. 

" Ultra skin" non-vibrating - 8 inches long and 2 inches diameter ultra skin cock with suction cup. You can't use Eros lube with it unless you put a condom over it.


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